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Alexandria Accountability

Alexandria Accountability is a grassroots, citizen journalism organization. ALXA seeks to promote transparency and accountability through lawful engagement with government officials in Alexandria, VA. It is our goal to collaborate with existing community leadership to identify and resolve matters of public concern. Learn more at

ALXA does not support or condone hate speech, racism, violence or any other unlawful activity.  We seek to benefit our community by promoting unity through transparency and accountability.  The goal is not to embarrass, humiliate or negatively impact anyone’s career.  We promote unity in our community by removing unreasonable or divisive policies and insisting on a fair application of the law.

A message to the citizens:  ALXA promotes unity in our community by removing unreasonable government policies and procedures.  Public employees and police officers are our brothers, sisters and neighbors.  They deserve the same respect and dignity that you would wish for yourself.  ALXA seeks positive lawful change, not the mistreatment of public employees.  ALXA encourages you to get involved for the right reasons!


A message to the police:  ALXA acknowledges that your profession is dangerous and extremely challenging.  We believe that most police officers are good people attempting to serve their community.  It is ALXA's opinion that there is currently a dysfunctional law enforcement culture that existed long before the officers that serve today.  We seek to lawfully and respectfully change police culture to benefit the officers and the citizens of our community.  Any culture or policy that does not align with an officer's authority, puts the officer's career and possibly their freedom at risk!  It is unreasonable to place officers in this position and ALXA seeks to resolve the discrepancies between culture and authority.  An unprecedented number of police officers have been charged with crimes in recent history.  ALXA has contacted police and city leadership, offering to provide free training for officers so that they may operate confidently and lawfully with citizens who are filming in public.  All leadership contacted declined ALXA's offer.  The blue theme of this website is symbolic of ALXA's support for law enforcement.


A message to public employees:  ALXA fosters the rights of citizens to film their transactions with public employees.  ALXA would like the City of Alexandria’s leadership to educate all public employees on reasonable expectations of privacy while working in their official capacities.  Failure to do so promotes divisiveness between the citizens and public employees of our community.  ALXA also seeks to identify legacy policies or procedures that are unnecessarily difficult for citizens as well as public employees.  If you are a public employee that works in our community, and you believe there is a policy or procedure that is unnecessarily difficult, ALXA encourages you to submit your concerns via the web form on the "Contact" page of this website.

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