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Why does Alexandria Accountability ask for Donations?

Filming lawfully in public can be dangerous.  Many municipalities have engaged in malicious prosecution of citizens that were engaged in lawful activities.  Because of the danger associated with public photography of public employees, it is not reasonable to expect the majority of citizens to risk their safety.  Many citizens who may want to exercise their rights have concerns such as job security, custody of children and security clearances.  These types of legitimate concerns make the risks associated with public photography to be prohibitive for most.  


Having access to sufficient legal funds is vital for citizens to adequately defend themselves against wrongful prosecution in our criminal justice system.  Many Americans have been silenced by the financial burdens placed on them to defend themselves.  ALXA would also like to upgrade cameras, mics, and software to further our objectives.  Consider supporting Alexandria Accountability with a small donation.  We would be grateful for your support.

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