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Alexandria Accountability

Why Did You Found ALXA?   Unprofessionalism in government service benefits no one and divides our community!  Alexandria Accountability (ALXA) believes there is a correlation between unprofessional government service and our country's state of divisiveness.  ALXA believes lawful transparency and accountability efforts will improve our country's state of divisiveness

Why Now?   We live in a unique time in history where technology enables citizens an unprecedented ability to document their interactions with the government.  Every citizen with a smart phone has the ability to record and disseminate information globally with platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  This is an incredibly powerful technology that is easily accessible to all citizens.  Used properly, the ability to disseminate information can create rapid community awareness and provide solutions to policies and procedures that are not reasonable.


Is it Dangerous to Film in Public?  Yes, it can be extremely dangerous to film in public.  Conducting yourself lawfully while filming may not keep you safe from mistreatment by government employees.  In addition to conducting yourself lawfully, you must be aware of police tactics to mitigate your risk of arrest.  ALXA encourages all citizens to engage in safe and lawful public photography.


What is the Difference Between Professional and Personal ContactA professional contact, such as a traffic stop, has a different set of social expectations from a personal contact.  Two strangers interacting during a personal contact would never ask invasive questions such as where are you going, where are you coming from, what's your date of birth, and what's your social security number?  Although you are under no obligation to answer, American law enforcement are not considered rude when asking these types of invasive questions because the social expectations of a professional engagement are different from a personal engagement.  ALXA engages all law enforcement in a professional capacity.  Officers who become rude to citizens because they are asking direct, invasive questions often have an expectation of being treated in a personal capacity despite treating citizens in a professional capacity.


Why Were you Rude to the Police? ALXA engages law enforcement in a professional capacity. Officers who exhibit unprofessional behavior during contact dictate the direction of the audit.  ALXA does not approach professional engagements with law enforcement with the intention of being rude. 

What is a "CAP" and why is it Important to Control the Narrative?  ALXA created the term, "Citizen Accountability Patriot" (CAP).  Public employees sometimes refer to citizens that are filming in public as 1st Amendment auditors, agitators, sovereign citizens and many other titles.  ALXA believes that the citizens who engage in lawful and respectful public photography are patriots.  The use of the acronym "CAP," when referring to citizens that are filming in public, effectively conveys the activities of the citizen and the positive spirit of those activities.  Using titles such as 1st Amendment auditors, agitators and sovereign citizens frame the citizen in a negative light, regardless of how the citizen conducts themselves.  (Not to be confused with Captain Awesome of Rogue Nation, an outstanding CAP who engages in lawful public photography nationally.)


Is it Rude to Film in Public?  No one has an expectation of privacy in public.  Citizens are filmed countless times each day by security cameras, dash cams, body cams, ATM cameras, government lobbies, traffic cams, doorbell cams, etc. It can be uncomfortable for some citizens or public employees when an individual is filming in a public area. ALXA attempts to mitigate this by being cordial and respectful at all times while engaging in public photography.  Public perception of public photography is rapidly changing as citizens become more aware of their rights.


Why is the Ability to Conduct Business in Person Important?  Using the internet to conduct business with the government is convenient and often saves time.  Citizens with disabilities or grievances may have difficulty accessing services or a resolution. It is vital that citizens be able to document their attempt at resolution, something that may be difficult or impossible on the telephone or online.  Conducting government business in person while recording is your right!  Filming is also an excellent way to identify and document legacy or new policies of apathy.

Why is the Ability to Record Your Business with the Government Important?  Recording your interactions with government employees provides indisputable documentation of your interaction with these individuals.  It also documents the specific person you interacted with, creating  a record of personal accountability rather than agency accountability.  If a citizen has a grievance, video documentation of the incident will greatly help the citizen to seek a resolution.

What is a Reasonable Expectation of Service from Public Employees?  ALXA believes that the citizens of Alexandria have an expectation of reasonable service standards from public employees that meets or exceeds the private sector.  ALXA does not condone rude behavior by citizens toward public employees.  Regardless, public employees must always conduct themselves in a professional manner.  City leadership are encouraged to take transparent and corrective action when misconduct concerns are identified.


What is ALXA's Political Perspective?  ALXA is a bipartisan organization.  We do not seek to influence legislation unless it pertains to transparency or accountability issues.  ALXA attempts to promote reasonable and professional service standards from public employees.  We do not advocate for or against any specific public services.  ALXA attempts to create reasonable and unobstructed access to programs and services that have previously been approved by vote or city leadership.    


May Public Employees Express Personal Opinions While Working?  Public employees have a right to free speech.  However, while working in their official capacity, public employees must always maintain a professional demeanor.

Examples of Unprofessional Behavior by Public Employees;

  • Absent the presence of exigent circumstances, not promptly and politely identifying to a member of the public when asked (in person or on the telephone).

  • Making derogatory comments about citizens, to other citizens or government employees, while in the course of their duties.

  • Refusing service to citizens that are conducting themselves lawfully.

  • Obstructing a citizen’s movement in public areas.

  • Standing in a citizen’s personal space as an attempt at intimidation or escalation.

  • Badgering citizens repeatedly with the same questions that a citizen is not required to answer.

What is "Doxing" and Why is it Never Acceptable for a Public Employee to Dox a Private Citizen? Doxing or doxxing is the act of publicly revealing previously private personal information about an individual or organization, usually through the Internet.  Doxing may be carried out for various reasons, including online shaming, extortion, and vigilante aid to law enforcement. (  Doxing is a tactic that has been used by municipalities to retaliate against transparency and accountability efforts made by citizen journalist.  It is never acceptable for a public employee to dox a private citizen.

Why is it Important for Police to Identify?  Because it is required!  Any police department that feels they should not be required to identify to the public they serve should attempt to publicly change their policy.  Officers who resist or refuse to identify are exhibiting open defiance, disdain for the citizens, and a willingness to break the rules.  This is of grave concern to the citizenry because of the authority and trust that we place in our law enforcement officers. 


Why is it Important for all Public Employees to Identify?  Citizens have a right to identify any public employee that they interact with.  City leadership are encouraged to educate all public employees of their reasonable expectations of privacy during the course of their duties.  Failure to do so promotes unnecessary conflict between citizens and public employees.


What is the Public Perception of Filming Government Employees?  There is no expectation of privacy in public!  Respectful filming of government employees in the course of their duties is a vital part of the checks and balances of our democracy.  ALXA believes that many of the men and women that engage in lawful public photography are performing their civic duty.


Should Law Enforcement Officers be Treated as Individuals by Members of the Community?  ALXA believes that everyone should be treated as an individual.  However, law enforcement officers during the course of their duties have no reasonable expectation of citizens treating them as individuals.  Creating false narratives about citizens obstructing, hindering, being noncooperative or being disorderly when those citizens choose to lawfully exercise their rights is unreasonable and dangerous behavior by law enforcement.  This type of behavior is a form of escalation.  Law enforcement engage citizens as a collective united front but often expect citizens to treat them as individuals.  It is unreasonable to expect citizens to surrender their rights in an attempt to gain the officer's approval.  This is gaslighting at it's finest!  ALXA does support being friendly while exercising our civil rights.  


What is Gaslighting and why is it a Poor Tactic?   Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that occurs in abusive relationships. It is an insidious and sometimes covert type of emotional abuse where the bully or abuser makes the target question their judgments and reality.  Toxic people use this type of emotional abuse to exert power over others. (  As you become more aware of the law and police tactics, you will be shocked by the frequency of gaslighting.  Filming your encounters with public employees is an excellent deterrent to gaslighting!

Common components of gaslighting; 

  • Lying to You

  • Discrediting You

  • Distracting You

  • Minimizing Your Thoughts and Feelings

  • Shifting Blame

  • Denying Wrongdoing


Is Public Photography of Public Employees About Money?  ALXA's primary goal is to benefit the community of Alexandria.  Some public employees deeply resent being filmed and held accountable.  ALXA makes every attempt to resolve public concerns with city leadership without the use of lawsuits.   A common false narrative is that citizens engaged in public photography are agitators or motivated by financial gain.  ALXA is motivated by our love for America.  We encourage you to keep an open mind and judge for yourself.

Why Does ALXA ask for Financial Donations?  ALXA asks for your financial support if you believe that we are providing a useful service to our community.  ALXA's activities are lawful but may be dangerous.  Municipal leadership in other communities have engaged in malicious prosecution of citizens engaged in lawful public photography.  ALXA's primary reason for  requesting donations is to generate adequate funds to defend against potential malicious prosecution.  


Why is the Blue Line Flag Patch Divisive?  Public employees have the right to wear whatever clothing or insignia they choose.  However, during the course of their duties, public employees may not wear clothing or insignia that is disruptive or divisive to the citizens they serve.  Many citizens consider the blue line to be divisive and unpatriotic.  The American flag patch with a blue line through the middle is completely unacceptable.  Any alteration to the American flag other than a tactical color scheme is unacceptable.  Lines separate people!  ALXA promotes unity!


Why Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Access is Important?  FOIA is a vital component of the checks and balances that protect our democracy.  FOIA allows citizens to conduct their own investigations of our government or public employees.  It is vital that citizens be able to access public records to protect themselves and expose government corruption.  Unnecessarily difficult or cost prohibitive procedures to obtain FOIA information are of grave concern to ALXA.


Do Citizens Need Journalist Credentials to Film in Public?  Absolutely not.  Some law enforcement officers may ask for journalist credentials when encountering citizens that are filming in public.  Every citizen is a member of the free press.  You are not  required to have journalist credentials or any other identification to film in public.    

Aren't You a Little Old to be Exhibiting a Mohawk?  The mohawk has been associated with a fighting spirit throughout military history.  Exhibiting a mohawk is my personal way of creating a symbol that represents the lawful and peaceful fight for transparency and accountability.  It's fun and creates public awareness!  ALXA encourages you to consider a mohawk as well.

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